Join us! Together we will gain more attention for jazz.

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Wij Zijn Jazz - We Are Jazz - saw the light on April 30th - International Jazz Day.

Our mission is to promote and reinforce Jazz from the Netherlands.


The jazz sector is rather scattered and during the pandemic this became even more visible.

Our organisation was born out of solidarity meetings initiated by inJazz/Buma Cultuur, 

with a great variety of people from the world of jazz. 


You might have spotted us on the socials.

Together we will make the great diversity of jazz in the Netherlands visible.

Our request is (many have already preceded you) to share an Instagram Story with a short video in which you sing, play, rap or just tell us what jazz means to you.

All these images together illustrate diversity, creativity and passion for adventurous music.

Jazz is expressive and inclusive in all its shapes and forms.


Join us! 

More attention for jazz from the NL in media, politics, education, abroad and in our society.

Collectively we can make it happen.

Because Wij Zijn Jazz!


Find the easy instructions for recording a video here.


Please tag us: @wijzijnjazz - #wijzijnjazz - #ikbenjazz


So let’s play and share! 

Thank you for sending this message to anyone with a heart for jazz.




Yours truly,


John Weijers - ZenneZ Records

Sandra Gevaert - Stepping Stone / Music Manager

Marcel van den Broek - Graphic Artist / former label manager

Berenice van Leer - Vocalist Kraak & Smaak / Wicked Jazz Sounds

Marieke Meischke - Festival So What’s Next? / ArtEZ Music Conservatory